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Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Great Kapok Tree: Week of January 9, 2011


This week we are reading “The Great Kapok Tree” by Lynne Cherry. The story takes place in the rain forest of the Amazon. Throughout the story, rain forest animals try to persuade a logger to leave the kapok tree.
 We will focus on some vocabulary words in this story.  It would be helpful if you will reinforce the meaning of these words at home with your child.  Also, on this newsletter you will find our spelling words for the week.  Please practice these words at home as well.  The words in italics are our challenge spelling words.  Let’s have a great week!

Spelling Words: its, ours, mine, yours, family’s, families’, man’s, men’s, girl’s, girls’, hers, theirs, brother’s, brothers’, teacher’s, teachers’, aunt’s, aunts’, boy’s, boys’, country’s, countries’, witness’s, witnesses’, laboratory’s, laboratories’

Vocabulary Word
the uppermost layer of branches in forest trees
to hang and swing loosely
marked with spots; spotted
having or giving off a pleasing odor; sweet-smelling
a fine, yellowish powder released from the anthers of flowers. Grains of pollen carried by insects, wind, etc., to the pistils of flowers to fertilize the flowers
moved with a sliding motion
wonderful; marvelous; remarkable


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